Bayern Munich ie trampled what was called the best team in the world - Barcelona, ​​beating the 4-0 in the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals held at the Allianz Arena.
Blaugrana were Bavarians easy opponents in the first game faction. They just circulate the ball on the field and showed no risk at all. Despite the dominance in possession of the ball, guests never risked Neuer gate. Leo Messi was silent and noticed that it was not recovered.

On the other hand, the natives were impressive - strong in defense and dangerous whenever he had possession of the ball. Robben sent a cross into the area, Dante headed toward the gate, and there Thomas Mueller managed to hit his head and beat him Valdesin (25 ').
SuperBayerni continued in the second half. Harkoi Robben corner, lowered Mueller ball and Germany's Mario Gomez doubled (49 ') by a dubious offside position.

Arjen Robben received a ball from Schweinsteiger crossed Jordi Alba, which then blocked Mueller (probably illegal interference?) And Dutchman has deepened even more advantage (73 ').
Bartra The Blaugrana had two cases, but has a tough defense to react properly in the attack phase.

He opened the series of goals and shut it. Alaba sent a beautiful assistance to Thomas Mueller, who scored the second and fourth personal for locals (82 ').

To enjoy the victory at the end of the game Albanian midfielder joined the Swiss passport, Xherdan Shaqiri (instead of Franck Ribery, 89 ').

Although anything is possible in football and also dealing with Barcelona, ​​but the result of 4-0 means that Bayern Munich is in large measure the first finalists of this edition of the Champions League.


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