Juventus +11

Juventus recorded a comfortable 2-0 victory against Lazio at the meeting Monday evening at the Stadio Olimpico.

Locals began well but soon challenge Lorik Cana to Vucinicit wrongly intervened in causing the penalty area.
Arturo Vidal took responsibility and proved correct spot (8 ').
The midfielder has been able to improve his mistake, but failed to hit the ball in the case given to the guest area.

On the other hand, Vucinic pulled if Arturo Vidalin, which with a little luck doubled the lead (28 ').

In the second part, Biancocelest√ęt tried to be revealed dangerous, but Bianconer√ęt defended well and showed constant danger through their cases. However, the nets were silent in the second fraction.

When the remaining six laps to take place, Juventus has 11 points ahead of the first conductor, Napoli, who drew on Sunday night against Milan.

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