Jose Mourinho blames protection

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho was highly critical of his defense team after the heavy defeat by Dortmund in Germany tonight night.
Lewandowski scored four goals in the gate full of Real Madrid and Mourinho has blamed for the defeat suffered protection. He says Leëandoëskin have studied the whole of and could not accept his mistakes players.

"We know absolutely every thing Lewandowski, absolutely everything. We have studied it from every possible detail and we lose it in three goals - not talking at all about penaltinë, where we knew exactly what he wanted to do. "

"It is obviously very disappointing. When I did not deserve to lose and lose, then play it for me, but when I miss and deserve defeat, is a situation that does not accept ".

"We are well prepared for the game, we were confident that we would get. I think a lot of guys have not had a good night and this is what not to do, fail in the evening of the second most important in world football, "said the Portuguese.

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